• Professional beatboxer and vocal artist.
  • Belgian and Vice World Beatbox Champion. Winner of ‘Blue Note Award’ and the ‘BeatBox Special Award’  and soloist at the Royal Academy of Music in Aalborg (Denmark).
  • Jury member at 3 World Beatbox Championships and more than 30 national beatbox championships.
  • Teacher of over 800 workshops and lessons (Real Festival, Vocal Jazz Summit, Europa Cantat, London A Cappella Festival, Aarhus Vocal Festival, Stanford University…).
  • Vocal percussionist for Witloof Bay (Eurovision 2011), Bruk Braders, Voxnorth and Zap Mama.
  • Guest performances for The Real Group, Swingle Singers, Leveleleven, Vocces8, Clouseau, EivørLady Linn
  • Creator and performer of theatre and dance shows: Les Daltoniens, Urban Nomads and Shobana Jeyasingh dance company.
  • Band member and creator of ‘Beatoxic’, ‘Bruk Braders’ and ‘Wait A Minute’.
  • Loves Gaming!


Born in Asse (Belgium) on 28 april 1984 as Senjka Danhieux. Started beatboxing at the age of 17 after hearing the probably most legendary sentence in beatbox history “The beat and the chorus at the same time”(Rahzel – if your mother only knew) He became Belgian Champion at 20 and vice world champion a year after. He is a regular member of international beatbox contest juries. To date Roxorloops is considered by many as the best beatboxer in the world although he clearly states there is no best. He has worked with some top a cappella groups such as The Swingle Singers (UK) and Voces8 (UK). He was the resident beatboxer of Witloof Bay (BE) and now joined Voxnorth (DK). He also performs in contemporary dance and theatre projects such as Les Daltoniens and Urban Nomads.

Style: His style is famous for its technical and ultra realistic flavor. Being able to create complex rhythm patterns he is perfect for both live and in recording studios.

Influence: Old skool beatboxers Rahzel and Kenny Muhammed, and all styles of music.

Achievements: Belgian champion beatbox. Vice-world champion beatbox. Special Award BeatBoxBattle Networks most inspiring beatboxer. Blue note jazz award for individual achievement. Blue note jazz award for group achievement Witloof Bay. Creating a winning song for Belgian euro-vision leading to the Euro-vision Song Contest.