Yoyoyo, what’s up boys and girls. My name is RoxorLoops and I’m a Belgian beatboxer. I started beatboxing in 2001 and won the Belgian championship in 2004. My last official battle was on the first world championship in 2005, where I took the 2nd place after competing with other legends like Tom Thumber and Faith SFX.

In 2006 I became a professional musician. Performing all over the world, as a solo artist. I always felt more like a team player and so I created and joined vocal bands like Beatoxic, Witloof Bay, Bruk Braders, Wait a minute, Vox North. I also had the pleasure to work with amazing singers from Real Group, Rajaton (leveleleven), The Swingle Singers.

Present, I am beatboxing with Zap Mama and studying at the music conservatory in Aalborg (DK)